About Me

My name is Andre Stepanov and over the years I have created what has now become Seatownphoto.
I am primarily a wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer based out of Seattle, Washington.

I am young, driven, and I strive to be the best at what I do. I see photos as the capturing of memories, which are never to be recreated again. For something so priceless, I want you to have only the highest quality and never any less.
I believe there is nothing as unique as a beautiful photograph that carries meaning to a particular individual. Seeing someone look back upon a photo and smile, laugh, gasp, or cry, is on of the best experiences that I can have as a photographer.
These moments, these pure moments, inspire me to capture stories and the realism of beautiful smiles and pure heartfelt cries. We as human beings have the tendency to forget the little things and the photos that I take are little reminders for the big and little things that we all experience. Let me be with you on the important days in your life to tell your story. Let me in on moments that you would perceive to be as no more than ordinary, and let me tell the story behind these moments.The beauty isn't in the waterfall, mountains, trees, organization or any other material thing, but the beauty is in the moments, you just have to allow me to capture them.

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