Hey There!

My name is Andre and I have been doing wedding photography for over seven years. I am a Seattle native and specialize in wedding photography. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I strive to be the best at what I do because I want you to have the best photos of you special day. There is nothing as unique as a beautiful photograph that carries meaning to a particular individual. Seeing someone look back upon a photo and smile, laugh, gasp, or cry. We as human beings have the tendency to forget the little things and the photos that I take are little reminders for the big and little things that we all experience.

Besides photos, I love all things adventurous. That includes hiking, traveling spontaneously to places I have never been before, and having a night on the town. I am a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in real estate, so being young and spry I can get into some crazy places to get some good pictures. I have always been artistic, so it translated awesomely into professional skills that now let me capture your perfect moments.
This is just the basics of who I am, but I would love to get to know you and become friends! Send me an inquiry, I look forward to hearing from you!!

1What Goes Into Pricing?
Photography can have huge sticker shock, and I completely get it! When I do wedding photography, I charge for the "hour" but its not exactly the way it works. Wedding are a long, fun, and sometimes stressful process from the day you start planning it to the day of the wedding. Im there with you through it all. You need help picking a venue or reccomendations on some ways to save on expenses? Im like a secondary wedding planner that you never knew you needed!
Beyond the hours of consultations we may have and time of getting to know each other, there is the time I spend editing pictures. In order to get you 600 edited images which can be up to an extra 20 hours.
2How do we book you?
Easy four steps!
1. You can contact me using the contact form on the website, call/text me at (206)-432-2510, or email me at seatownphoto@gmail.com.
2. You let me know the date of your wedding and we see if I am avaliable.
3. We schedule a zoom call and I get to know you a bit more and
introduce myself to you! You tell me your vision for your wedding day and I begin to help you make it a reality.
4. We decide the package that you want, fill out a contract, and you leave a deposit to secure your date!
Once these steps are done, all we have to do is wait for your wedding day!
3What makes you different from other wedding photographers?
I am beyond passionate at what I do and I am such a people person. Art has surrounded me my whole life through painting, music, photography, and videography. The combination of these two allows me to excel at photography while making you comfortable in your own skin on your own wedding day. I really take your wedding seriously, almost as though I am planning mine and I do my best to take all your stress out of your wedding day! You're there to get married and I am there to help you keep it simple!
4What is included in a wedding package?
Wedding packages vary from person to person as budgets can be different. On average I find most weddings to range 8-10 hours. During this time I get a lot of raw images that usually translates into at least 500 fully edited images. I get you all the picture that meet my standard of being "good". That means the picture that aren't of you eating, blinking, duplicates. etc. Along with this I get you a 20x30 inch stunning canvas and some prints on 13x19 paper. You recieve full rights to your pictures with digital access on a google drive and flash drive!
5Do you travel?
Yes! I love to travel and whereever you are I will go! Whether that be out of state, a national park, or just somewhere local let me know and I will be there. Just get in contact with me and let me know, we can figure something out.
6Can we see a full wedding that you have done?
Of course!
Please reach out and ask me about that and I will get you access to see some of my full weddings!