Andrew and Melody’s Maternity Photoshoot

Bellevue Maternity Photoshoot|New Castle Park|Bellevue, Washington

It is always good to see familiar faces, I get to meet so many awesome people doing wedding photography! On the Fourth of July, I got to see a bridesmaid from one of my favorite weddings a while back and do her maternity shoot. Melody was the cousin of the bride and decided that she liked her cousin's pictures so much that she HAD to have a last-minute maternity shoot.

I don't do a lot of maternity photoshoots, but they're always so perfect and sweet. This one was especially fun as Andrew and Melody brought their dog to get a few snaps with too. You can just tell that this baby is gonna have an awesome life with such great parents and a sweet dog. 

The only sad part of this photo shoot was the fact that it didn't go on longer! So many great photos were taken. I'm happy to know that Melody and Andrew will cherish these photos for the rest of their lives. 

Now the next time I see Melody and Andrew their baby will probably be out and about! I cant wait to capture the little baby in the next series of awesome pictures for these guys! 


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