Deanna and Michael’s Engagement

Pioneer Square engagement Deanna and Micheal's Engagement

Deanna and Micheal's Engagement|Pioneer Square|Seattle, Washington

Downtown Seattle is an explosion of beauty. Skyscrapers, brick alleyways, cute coffee shops, the list endless which is why I love taking photos there. This time I was fortunate enough to be asked to take some engagement pictures in Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square is a staple area of Seattle. Beautiful old building surrounds the area with little boutiques offering all kinds of goods, it’s perfect.

The day was gorgeous. We were able to get some sunshine to break through the clouds of Seattle for once. The sun lit up the surrounding area making the vine covered bricks pop.

Of course, Deanna and Michael made the whole experience even better than it already was. I had done plenty of weddings with Deanna as a bridesmaid, but it doesn’t seem like she is going to be the bridesmaid this time around. She already knew all my tricks, but she still couldn’t help but laugh whenever Michael would whisper something to her. Whatever Michael was whispering, it worked. I love capturing emotion, and with these two it was easy.

I can’t wait to see these two on their wedding day.

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