Dima and Julia’s Wedding

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Dima and Julia's Wedding|Tacoma Glass Muesum|Tacoma, Washington


A beautiful morning lead into a beautiful day, and now that I think about it, any day with a wedding is a beautiful day! It wasn’t any different working at Dima and Julia’s wedding. It seems to me that I am mentioning funny socks in every single one of my posts, but that’s a good thing they always brighten up the day. Dima and his groomsmen where a handsome bunch full of laughter and jokes and Julia was the same with her bridesmaids. It’s always wonderful to work with a group that loves laughing. Laughter is the best motivator when you already love what you do, and I honestly still laugh looking back at Dima and Julia’s first look. Her expression says it all, “Hmmm… Is this what you expected?” It fit both of their goofy personalities perfectly.

Our original idea for photos was somewhere along the waterfront in Tacoma, but when we got there, we were surprised by some sort of parade taking up all the roads. It was impossible to get to the place that we wanted to be. It was a roadblock in the day for sure, but you always must plan for the unexpected during a wedding! Luckily, we could just turn around and stop by a little Japanese garden that was just off the road. I had never been there, but it was really cute! Right next to the water front, beautiful trees, and interesting rock structures, all perfect for a photoshoot.

After averting the roadblock that we experienced and getting some awesome pictures, we moved on to the reception and ceremony. Beyond the first look, I definitely remember Dima and Julia’s wedding cake. Unique accessories, food, venues, etc. are super fun. A cake made of donuts is really fun! It was a super smart choice by Dima and Julia. They didn’t have to cut any cake and the guests could easily help themselves while it looked awesome.

There was still sometime left in our day so we decided to get some extra pictures at the glass museum in Tacoma. The surrounding area is full of beautiful buildings made of brick and art pieces made from intricate glass, it never disappoints. 

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