March 31, 2019
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Nick and Erin’s Wedding

Nick and Erin had a small and personal photoshoot for their wedding as they kept it to close family and a few friends. I feel very fortunate, as I do with all photoshoots, that Nick and Erin allowed me to take their pictures on their special day. We were planning to take pictures at the beach so that it could be a “beach wedding” but the weather had other plans for us. Just like most people would, we decided to stay in, and honestly that wasn’t a problem! We made the best of it and I loved getting to know the whole family! They have three wonderful kids, a daughter and two sons, who were incredibly fun to work with. Even though we didn’t have a whole park to work with, we made the most of the time we had. We got some awesome family photos along with some stunning portraits which are for sure to last their family a lifetime.
March 26, 2019

Illya and Adriana’s Wedding

I had a wonderful time working at Illya and Adriana's Wedding. Although the day was long, the whole bridal party had a blast. We started the wedding day off in Tacoma with Adriana getting ready and preparing for her big day.