September 15, 2022

Max and Zhanna’s Engagement

Engagements always bring me so much joy. It’s always clear to see how happy and excited couples are to take the next step in building their lives together. On a beautiful day in June, I met Max and Zhanna at Discovery Park to capture their new love and their first photos together as an engaged couple. I could tell even before the shoot that this couple was willing to do anything to get the shot. I love when clients are willing to take risks as I love when a new idea or a spontaneous pose results in the most unique photo of the day.
July 8, 2022

Peter and Larissa’s Engagement

Just a few years ago I was doing Larissa's sister's wedding, and now she's getting married to Peter. Time really does fly... Peter and Larissa met as bridesmaid and groomsman at her sister Yana's wedding. I don't know if anyone could've predicted it, but everyone involved couldn't be happier. They're awesome.
July 6, 2022

Andrew and Melody’s Maternity Photoshoot

It is always good to see familiar faces, I get to meet so many awesome people doing wedding photography! On the Fourth of July, I got to see a bridesmaid from one of my favorite weddings a while back and do her maternity shoot. Melody was the cousin of the bride and decided that she liked her cousin's pictures so much that she HAD to have a last-minute maternity shoot.